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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Precious" in the age of Obama

This is a review of the film Precious which was written by Erin Aubry Kaplan and posted on Salon. The comments section is closed now, but I am posting the link because I am fascinated by the comments about the article.

One poster, Zac in CA, asserted disgust with white people relating to the all-too human suffering in the film and and declared that he is sick of whites telling black that the film is not about them, it is universal. He then goes on to say that as a gay guy, straights cannot relate to the discrimination he's been subjected to. Another chimes in with "as a transgender man..." You get the drift.

I didn't see any posts alleging that blacks are wrong for relating to this film. And I really don't understand someone with the attitude that "you don't know what discrimination or harassment is -- but I do!"

Puhleeze. Suffering is one thing that unites us as humans. I fail to see how one person's suffering is on some higher scale than another's.

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