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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clown Monkey Update Part Deux

Okay, now they are just annoying the heck out of me.

Found this in my inbox this morning:

Re: Online Interview

Some people had a problem with the online job audition. Try the link below:

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Much monkey love !!!
The Clown Monkeys


I'm not auditioning! Leave me alone!


  1. I would just like to say, as a former moderator for Clown Monkey, I'm fricken disgusted. I held in because I was genuinely curious what the scam was. I still don't see where the revenue comes from, unless he's actually selling those crappy shirts.

  2. I bet he's selling a lot of those fug shirts to poor saps who think it will help them get a job.

  3. I think the digusting part is that I posted a thread about what the pay was and they didn't even approve it. I want to know what the scam is.

  4. They keep sending links, because those links are click for pay, everytime someone clicks the link, we pay them for trying to scam us. Now that Craiglist is banning them, they have just moved on to other job sites. They sicken me.

  5. Now they have opened my information to other companies without my consent!!!

    I don't care if they ran a fricken poll on wether or not it was cool to do this - this is a individual issue and they are on my last nerve!!

  6. How did you find out your info was released? And to whom? I totally agree that just because a poll was conducted they should not have assumed that such a release would be okay.