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In elementary school, I desperately wanted my mother to order books for me from those flyers Scholastic hands out to kids. She refused, citing the "perfectly good library down the street." I exacted revenge by becoming a card-carrying ALA accredited reference librarian. Ha! Take that!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Library Thing

I first heard about Library Thing quite a while ago. I was intrigued by the title but I couldn't quite see what I should do with it. I stumbled back over it today and decided to sign up and enter my books. Now that I see it's a social networking thing that hooks you up with people who like the same books you do, it seems like a fantastic idea and a wonderful way to utilize the force of the Internet for good ~~ unlike my recent unhappy spam episode (more to come on that later). Library Thing even has a widget that will create a javascript code linking your Library Thing list to a blog. Haven't quite figured out how to make it work here though. Ah, well, I'll keep working on it and figure it out eventually.

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