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Monday, May 18, 2009

Excerpt of a Review of My Book

Many thanks to reviewer Karen Schwartz. It is always wonderful to hear from people that one's work is appreciated.

The Eclipse and Other Poems is a poignant collection of courageous endeavors with a strong focus on human associations which strive to attract positive, meaningful fulfillment in its search for quintessential love. The poet reveals this yearning for another, not often found, as in “House of Cards,”

My love for you/is a house of cards/built of dreams and longing/possibilities never realized, certitude never proven...

And yet while love is elusive through an abundance of heartache and rejection, [the author]'s personae dare to pick themselves up time after time with admirable determination in pursuit of sexual pleasure, comfort and a connection to a warm body in the hopes of melting their lonely hearts; the substance behind her words affirming backbone and fortitude among enchanted glimpses introduced beyond the stars...

A collection that mirrors lost loves and unfulfilled dreams, The Eclipse and Other Poems evokes compassion from the poet’s readers in part to each poem’s relatability as well as [the author’s] undeniable strength to remain undefeated giving noteworthy reason for readers to add this gratifying book to complement their poetry collection...

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