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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"safety of our guests"

and after all, there is nothing more dangerous than inflicting people to "breastfeeding", right? Never mind that a significant portion of Target customers buy "baby products."

Guess they'll be shopping at Walmart now. Except for the ones who will be shopping at

Breast Feeding: The a'New" Public Shame

Sorry. but to me, yeah sure it's natural. Defecation is also natural. But dammit, we don't eat in the same room, do we? All are natural, yet do they occur in the same place?

No they don't.

That said, a little decorum is in order. Frankly I don't get the militant breast feeders who let it all hang out when Junior is hungry. A little modesty would be appreciated, no matter how natural breastfeeding is. That said, I also don't get being bent out of shape over witnessing public breastfeeding, either. It's like looking at ugly people -- rather than assume they have no right to be in public and thus affronting your sensibilities, why not just look the other way?


t's easy to see how these things escalate. If a guard asks you to leave the store for any reason and you don't, then you are in a conflict with the guard. Now, the guard has to admit that he is just a rent-a-cop meant to deter shoplifters or he can call the cops.

This particular post is in regards to a Target security guard threatening a customer for breastfeeding and telling her to leave as a result.

Further evidence that minimum wage security guards will not give you what you desire.

If you want REAL security, pay for it. Not these Winco minimum wage Neanderthals who think that because they are fatter than your 130 pound kid they will triumph.

Uh, no. Ever hear of a court of law? Tanya Harding's "security" didn't either and thought they were free to assault anyone who stood in the way of their goal.

And in the meantime, I wage a hearty "salute you" to the Winco losers (yes, I know. The few hundred bucks you lose every month from no longer having my patronage is minimal). The symbol remains. Cute how you paid employees to tell me I'm "peice of shit." That is pretty KLASS-AY Winco -- and nothing more than what I might have expected from you.

At any rate, I say just don't buy any more baby stuff from Target, ever. If you believe in it, you'll do it. I made my son's diaper covers out of cotton and rip-stop nylon. He never complained and I spent a hell of a lot less than I would buying same from any big retailer.

Your baby wants your love more than he wants Chinese-produced junk from department stores.