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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act

Boy, poor Barack Obama can't get a break. Conservatives hate him because he's a "socialist." Of course, I suspect that the majority of the people who make that claim have no clue what the word actually means.

I voted for the man (first time ever I voted for the guy who won the election and I've been voting since 1976). While I never considered him as any sort of "messiah," I figured as long as he wasn't a conservative that was good enough for me. I guess he considers himself something of a centrist, which I guess is good, but on the other hand, based on his first year in office I see less and less difference between him and Bush.

He could have done nothing today and the PATRIOT Act would have died the death it deserved. But no, Obama signed the paperwork to extend it another year.


Civil liberties? What are those?

"The man who trades freedom for security does deserve, not nor will he ever receive, either."

Benjamin Franklin