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In elementary school, I desperately wanted my mother to order books for me from those flyers Scholastic hands out to kids. She refused, citing the "perfectly good library down the street." I exacted revenge by becoming a card-carrying ALA accredited reference librarian. Ha! Take that!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Can Religious Belief Be Tested?

I think it very likely can be. The problem, however, is that faith will prove to be most copious in all the wrong and most inconvenient places.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day in the US

Thank go thank god thank god this day is here at long last. Now all the jerks in the bullshit promulgation industry who think their metaphorical wand-waving will change my mind can go away for a couple of years.

I must say that I was stunned in 2000 to witness (up to that point, at any rate) the single most un-American act I had ever witnessed: a candidate going to court to stop vote counting.  Until that point, I had been a fairly apathetic voter. 531 US 98 has changed that forever.

Whatever your political beliefs, please do not allow any particular party or court to appoint our leaders. Voting is sacrosanct and we must not fear voter intimidation or blatant attempts at vote tampering.

Remember, citizens:

Democracy usurped is TYRANNY!